Ocala Winter I (Feb 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Abbott, MeghanWorktabSNRAccepted
Adamo, DavidBaral SilverseeOPAccepted
Adamo, DavidFredMOD-OAccepted
Adams, EugeniaDesigner FernhillOT-1Accepted
Adams, EugeniaJohnny RoyalePRAccepted
Adams, EugeniaMilanni PMOD-OAccepted
Adams, MollyCougar CrestBNRAccepted
Adams, MollyZenith Almost Got AwaySNRAccepted
Adams-Blackmore, LeaArden KatnissTHAccepted
Adams-Blackmore, LeaFrostbiteIRAccepted
Aharoni, ArielleDutch TimesAIAccepted
Albrizio, RosemarieFlash HarryBNRAccepted
Albrizio, RosemarieRamdam de MonsSNRAccepted
Alland, JennaCarro de la LecheSNRAccepted
Allred, JeanineEarly FlightOP-1Accepted
Allred, JeanineLuna des TerdrixONAccepted
Andrews, RebeccaEquites Brittanicus BeachNHAccepted - Incomplete
Apted, LisaMerlo VDLNHAccepted
Apted, LisaYeats RoyalePRAccepted
Bader, MarthaArdeo Arctic WolfSNRAccepted
Baker, AlexisSolangeONAccepted - Incomplete
Baker, ShanonFernhill KarambaOPAccepted
Baker, ShanonFly BoyOIAccepted
Banks, AnnaPRIMROSE BMDOTAccepted - Incomplete
Barbour, CristinaRoyal OakOM-1Accepted
Barnette, JerryFernhill FortuneONAccepted
Barry, LisaRosie's AventadoraOIAccepted
Baumgartner, CeliaWildwych KiterunnerBNRAccepted
Bayley, BrookeBonheurOBNAccepted
Bayley, BrookeStrawberry MuffinOBNAccepted
Bayley, BrookeLeap of FaithNHAccepted
BeGole, TanyaDeloughtane TrinityOBNAccepted
Bearer, KateClifton's AdoraONAccepted
Bearer, KateJustfollowmyleadOM-1Accepted
Bell, Candace ElizabethFernhill FuerstPHAccepted
Bell, Candace ElizabethFernhill Philm StarAIAccepted
Bell, Candace ElizabethPromise the MoonOPAccepted
Bellissimo, LucienneDamorkusOTAcceptedY - Barn B 26,Barn B 25Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDuke's JoryOTAcceptedY - Barn B 27Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneEaster StarOPAcceptedY - Barn B 28Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneHermineOTAcceptedY - Barn B 29Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDyriOIAcceptedY - Barn B 30Bellissimo
Belluso, LiamLive In The MomentNHAccepted
Benefiel, AshtonKingston Van MeerzichtMOD-OAccepted
Benefiel, AshtonLibris CharlotteOT-1Accepted
Benefiel, AshtonAshwood FlinnBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 9Bright Farms
Berry, DianeGoode HopeSNRAccepted
Berry, HunterEleganceBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 23
Biggs-Penton, JessalynHero of FireSTRAccepted
Bingham, MaegenNot So NormalPRAccepted
Blackman, MadelineTake The OfferONAccepted - Incomplete
Borton, AddisonConway LadBNRAccepted
Bowers, AmyDel Mar BelleIRAccepted
Boyle, ChloeCambaldaMOD-RAccepted
Bradley, ShelbyMaximillionONAccepted
Brandt, ZacharyDirect AdvanceAIAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferTwilightslastgleamOIAccepted - Incomplete
Brannigan, JenniferConnoryOIAccepted - Incomplete
Brannigan, JenniferGrand FinaleOBNAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferKismetOPAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferCavalier's RomeoOBNAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferDuke's DuvelOT-1Accepted
Brannigan, JenniferPascalOP-1Accepted - Incomplete
Braundel, MiaCashmereOIAccepted - Incomplete
Brayman, OliviaZena Princess WarriorBNRAccepted
Brekken, CathrynRedtail SorentoOT-6YHAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Brickell, RuthWhitfieldJNRAccepted
Brogan, BarbaraRed Dirt RacerSTRAcceptedY - Barn C 12Bright Farms
Brost, ShelbyQuality CorruptionNHWaitlist326.00
Brown, CourtenayBA MessengerOPAccepted
Brown, RebeccaFernhill Quite FranklyOT-1Accepted
Bryer, JulieFernhill DynamicPRAccepted
Bryner, MatthewEsperanceMOD-OAccepted
Bryner, MatthewQuaden AFOP-7YHAccepted
Bryner, MatthewVa Va VoomAIAccepted
Bugbee, MarthaArgonautSNRAccepted
Bundy, HannaLovely AssistantOIAccepted
Burdette, MelissaLH Moment in TimeBNRAccepted
Burnett, DianaMurphy's Got CharmOPAccepted
Burnett, DianaSomersbyOTAccepted
Burnett, DianaGeorgia PeachONAccepted
Burnett, DianaLike A BossMOD-OAccepted - Incomplete8.00
Burnett, DianaMint MonsterOPAccepted
Burnett, DianaRight Wing ManOIAccepted
Burnett, DianaWhatisyourproblemOIAccepted
Burnett, DianaGolden NuggetOPAcceptedUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Byars, IselinHH GoldfinchNHAccepted
Byars, IselinBloomfield Pocket MoneyJTRAccepted
Byars, SylviaCSF Dassett DecoyJTRAccepted
Byars, TheodoraHH GunsmokeJNRAccepted
Byyny, JanBeautiful StormOP-1Accepted
Caflisch, BrittneyBalance DueSTRAccepted
Caneer, SherriSpeed GracerSNRAccepted
Caras, JennyBeaulieu's CeceliaMOD-OAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 3JWR Sport Horses
Caras, JennyBeaulieu's CheerfulTHAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 4JWR Sport Horses
Carey, IsabelLobsterBNRAccepted
Carlson, LauraKilkelly See The DifferenceBNRAccepted
Carney, LulaCool Under FireBNRAccepted
Carroll, AislingMelt ProofNHAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KyleRHS CiaradoAIAccepted
Carter, KyleHeroic MeasuresMOD-OAccepted
Cassar, JulianaCheranimoMOD-RAccepted
Cassar, JulianaFarwest De BarbereauOTAccepted
Catlett, Mary CookeCooley RomanceOTWaitlist351.00
Cauffman, CynthiaFiona ESHOBNAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Chance, AmandaLike Magic WTWOT-6YHAccepted
Coleman, WilliamChin Tonic HSOIAccepted
Coleman, WilliamCold Red RumOIAccepted
Coleman, WilliamDondanteOIAccepted
Coleman, WilliamOff The RecordOIAccepted
Comer, JaelynLoughnatousa Yours TrulyJTRAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE GlamourAIAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE Monte CarloOT-6YHAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE NacominaOT-1Accepted
Cooke, DanaFE QuattroAIAccepted
Cooke, DanaGlobal Stellar BlingOIAccepted
Cooke, DanaHarlequinnAIAccepted
Corbin, ValliNapoleon ZSNRAccepted
Core, KalliMastermindOPAccepted - Incomplete40.00Y - Barn A 16Holling Eventing
Core, KalliFalconwood's GlacierOP-7YHAcceptedY - Barn A 17Holling Eventing
Cotton, LacyClintosBNRAccepted
Counts, StephanieJust QualitySTRAcceptedY - Barn A 26Silver Lining Equestrian
Craig, AddieOT BandiniJTRAccepted
Craig, AlyssaSBT Clover RoadMOD-RAccepted
Crampton, SonyaBonmahon FlashAIAccepted
Crutchfield, MattIndepender J W BONAccepted - Incomplete
Curry, HaleyBelmonte Do CahimIRAccepted
Dahms, TriciaYule Do ItONAccepted
Danielson, StellaPHE KeepsakeOT-1Accepted
David, HeatherJackson's ThunderONAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceDuck Duck SparrowNHAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceChesterland's Silver LiningTHAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceMoon BridgeNHAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceNimsOTAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceParrsboroOP-1Accepted
Davis, AvaTimothyJTRAccepted
Davis, ShelbyGossip GirlBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Derby, AveryMaster MorettiSNRAccepted - Incomplete
DesBiens, LucyTappin the Keg STRAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyLord CalegroOP-1Accepted
Dickerson, GabbyCheeky GirlOP-1Accepted
Dickerson, GabbyGortglas LupinOT-6YHAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyTop CarreraOT-6YHAccepted
Doss, SydneyHooked On YouSTRAcceptedY - Barn C 5
Dreaden, EllaMarco PoloSNRAcceptedY - Barn A 27Silver Lining Equestrian
Duarte, AnnemarieRather BoldlyMOD-RAccepted
Duclos, LaurenCloud NineBNRAccepted
Dutton, OliviaCarlchenOPAcceptedY - Barn B 10,Barn B 9Dutton
Dutton, OliviaMilatour ParisolOPAcceptedY - Barn B 11Dutton
Dutton, OliviaSea of CloudsOPAcceptedY - Barn B 12Dutton
Dutton, PhillipFernhill ShutterflyOPAcceptedY - Barn B 18,Barn B 19Dutton
Dutton, PhillipLincoln's AddressOPAcceptedY - Barn B 17Dutton
Dyer, AudreaAvengerOP-1Accepted
Dysart, EmilyLeoBNRAccepted
Dysart, EmilyMagarínSNRAccepted
Earle, KarenWhimsicalBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn B 4,Barn B 6RB Riding
Ebhardt, AmeliaFernhill In MotionMOD-RAccepted
Edwards, MeganGlobal BravadoOP-7YHAccepted
Edwards, MeganGlobal DynastyOM-1Accepted
Edwards, MeganMischief ManagedNHWaitlist326.00
Ertl, SarahGlobal ShowtimeIRAccepted
Evans, AmyGlobal MelodyOBNAccepted
Farley, MiaRedfield JimJTRAccepted
Farley, MiaBGS Calculated ChaosOPWaitlist374.00
Farley, MiaInvictusOPWaitlist374.00Owner: USEF #
Farrell, ErinAtaviousTHAccepted
Farren, ElizaCreffino PJOP-1Accepted
Fazio, LauraRoyal Dancer 43STRAccepted
Fergusson, Lisa MarieDS Dunsany BouncerONWaitlist326.00Horse: USEA Number
Fergusson, Lisa MarieGlobal ObsessionONWaitlist326.00Horse: USEA Number
Fergusson, Lisa MarieRatheoin Quality ImpOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Fiorita, CocoOskarBNRAcceptedY - Barn C 8
Fitzgerald, KathleenSpotted ChapSNRAccepted
Fitzgerald, KathleenGlobal PixieSNRAccepted
Fitzhugh, AnnaShirsheen Deal Me InPRAccepted
Fletcher, HenleyFernhill KujwanaMOD-RAccepted
Fletcher, JacobFabianAIAccepted - Incomplete
Foltz, AbbyAbsolute ZeroOM-1Accepted
Foussard, JacquesMiss Ruby CooleyMOD-RAccepted
Frangos, RoryMonty's TuneIRAccepted
Frangos, RoryCitigirlOP-1Accepted
Frangos, RoryVictor B ZOTAccepted
Frank, CatherinePadraigJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Frey, VanceWilliamONAccepted - Incomplete
Fridrich, EllaGriffinSNRAccepted
Frielick, HayleyDunedin Black WatchOIAccepted - Incomplete
Frost, ChristinaGrammi DanceSNRAccepted
Fulmer, AbigailState of ReverenceOM-1Accepted
Furtado, EllieSecret TapitOTAccepted
Gailey, RyleeDukes UpOPAccepted - Incomplete
Galoostian, EileenArdeo Lord LancelotPRAccepted
Galoostian, EileenArdeo Living The DreamPRAccepted
Gibbins, SavannahKenzo de la RoqueBNRAccepted
Gibson, AnnaCruise on CooleyONAccepted
Gilliam, AvaTuff CottonJNRAcceptedY - Barn C 22
Glazier, MadelynVC Haston Maupertuis FEHNHAccepted - Incomplete
Goodman, StephanieDrs ResoluteOP-1Accepted
Goodman, StephaniePaulank Impish KingNHAccepted
Goodman, StephanieLord LimonOP-1Accepted
Goodman, StephanieBenchmark's Gone WestOBNAccepted
Gore, NataleannEffervescentJTRWaitlist351.00USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Grald, ArielAdagio's NobilityOP-1Accepted
Grald, ArielCullintra End GameOM-1Accepted
Grald, ArielIn VogueOP-7YHAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Limited EditionOPAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraLanikaiMOD-OAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraLCC King JullianOIAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraSorrano BOTAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraTraditionally FernhillOIAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraRoyal Carthago MSUNHAccepted
Greene, AshleyHSH PhoenixOP-7YHAccepted
Gutierrez, PedroGenie D'AuvilleONAccepted
Gutierrez, PedroCalifornia MailAIAccepted
Hagen, AinsleyRisque SMOD-OAccepted
Hagen, AinsleyArdeo Red RoverOTAccepted
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethCooley NutcrackerOIAccepted - Incomplete
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethShanroe CooleyOIAccepted - Incomplete
Hambly, JayTherealquaffONAccepted - Incomplete
Hambly, PhilippaPop TartNHAccepted - Incomplete
Hambly, PhilippaMazinaw LegendOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Harris, BeckyMr. Double StandardBNRAcceptedY - Barn C 7
Hartsock, MadelineGlobal FXIRAccepted
Hatcher, CatherineRathPierce LordJTRWaitlist461.00Y
Hawkins, HannahDidgeridooOPAccepted
Hayes, EmmaWhere'd It GoOT-1Accepted
Hays, AprilAnteros HSHOBNAccepted
Hays, AshleyCajun QualityOPAccepted - Incomplete
Hays, AshtonA Boy Named RozyPRAccepted
Head, LibbyFace ValueMOD-OAccepted
Head, LibbyFelix FelicisONAccepted
Head, LibbyFilly GumboMOD-OAccepted
Head, LibbyNormandy SeaOBNAccepted
Heller, EvanO'CallyBNRAcceptedY - Barn C 19Ashmore
Henry, RyanEasy ExchangeOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Heroux, CallieWatermarkOM-1Accepted
Hickey, LisaBlackjackSTRAccepted
Hillhouse, SuzanneFGF Bob'n for SilverSNRAcceptedY - Barn C 10Bright Farms
Hoff, LizzieHSH Best Kept SecretONAccepted
Hoff, LizzieHSH Limited EditionPRAccepted
Holbrook, CynthiaSweet PeaSNRAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah Sue"J"OPAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah SueHachiOPAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah SueCapitol HIMOIAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah SueCarsonstownOPAccepted
Holling, JonathanBonaireAIAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 10
Holling, JonathanCall Up CooleyONAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 11
Holling, JonathanFernhill CopainOP-7YHAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 12
Holling, JonathanFernhill EsmereldaOTAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 13
Holling, JonathanJuczt My Style SAIAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 14
Holling, JonathanLoughnatousa AnikaONAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 15,Barn A 9
Holling, JonathanGold to Blue MonteverdiTHAccepted
Hoos, AudriPennyBNRAccepted
Hoos, AudriBallylennon's Mr. DunNHAccepted - Incomplete
Hoos, AudriLittle CruzJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Hoos, WilliamDavarusus HOT-1Accepted
Hoos, WilliamBWE CervantesOT-1Accepted
Horah, EllieCoopers MarckOT-1Accepted - Incomplete
Horah, LukeSTF No DoubtOM-1Accepted
Horah, LukeZelina FLFOT-6YHAccepted
Houberg, MorganMade To OrderIRAccepted
Huber, CheryeSam I AmSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Huber, MikeFernhill LiverpoolNHAccepted - Incomplete
Huber, MikeWyn in DublinOBNAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn B 24SHRA
Huber, MikeRocket ManONAccepted - Incomplete
Hutchins-Kristen, BethanyGeluk HVFOPAccepted
Hutchinson, KelleyHSH TangerineNHWaitlist
Hutchinson, KelleyHSH CellestoNHAccepted
Hyatt, KeelyDeputy JackOT-1Accepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Hydndman, KatherineDon't Split TensONAcceptedY - Barn B 1RB Riding
Iachini, NikkiIsadoraBNRAcceptedY - Barn A 31Silver Lining Equestrian
Ireland, ChristenOscarMOD-OAccepted
Ireland, ChristenFlorida BayOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Irving, SarahAeronauticsOT-1Accepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyJosephineOIAccepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyHippique AbuOTAccepted
Jackson, StephanieFernhill Quality VisionMOD-OAccepted
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieFlower GirlAIAccepted
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieSplash DanceOIAccepted
Jenkins, KathrynFirst CommanderSNRAccepted
Jensen, MollyEE Noble's HonorSNRWaitlist326.00USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Johnson, AshleyCharlton FameOP-1Accepted
Johnson, CarolineWembleyONAccepted
Johnson, SallieFernhill DiCaprioIRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn B 20Dutton
Jones, AlisonJack of All TradesOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
...Karatzias, SusannahCassiusMOD-RAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 25
Kauppi, LoriWestern OpportunityBNRAccepted
Kawcak, ChrisAmelieSNRAccepted
Kehoe, AshleyDaktarisMOD-OAccepted
Kellermann, QuidleyBlakeneys CruiseMOD-RAccepted
Kellock, JamieSummer BayOIAccepted
Kenny, KieraFE Black IceOP-1Accepted
Kepferle, MeganAnakinMOD-OAccepted
Khorsandian, LeahVan Eric CCOM-1Accepted
Kilpatrick, LeaStellaMOD-OAccepted
Kjellstrom, AnnaSportsfield CoolKennyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Knott, McKenaO'BradyONAccepted
Koehler, HannahSemi-AutomaticOBNAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Kozumplik, SaraRock PhantomOP-1Accepted
Kozumplik, SaraQuality ExplosionOP-1Accepted - Incomplete
Kozumplik, SaraFly Me CourageousOP-1Accepted
Kuhn, AliLittle HailOP-1Accepted
Lampton, IreneRock On CooleyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Lang-Gluscic, LeahBollywoodOIAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahComet Chrome WENHAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahFemme Fatale WEOIAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahKubo CatNHAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahAP PrimeOIAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahDwana MiracleNHAccepted
Lanier, LindseyFernhill Feel HappyOPAccepted
Lanier, LindseyViveroOPAccepted
Lansaw, AshleyNantan LupanONAcceptedY - Barn A 8
Law, LeslieCLH Soldier BlueOTAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieWestwick RebelOPAccepted
Law, LeslieMust Be CooleyOP-1Accepted
Law, LeslieReally All GoldOP-7YHAccepted
Law, LeslieTullibards on TourPHAccepted
Law, LeslieFernhill LotteryOP-7YHAccepted
Law, LeslieVoltaire De TreAIAccepted - Incomplete
Lawson, RachelHigh TideOIAccepted
Lee, FannyConnorNHAccepted
Lee, FannyMonba JambaOP-1Accepted
Lee, NancyPHF Wine Me UpSTRAccepted
Lehari, KendalBalllingowan ClarityOT-1Accepted
Lehari, KendalMitchellOIAccepted - Incomplete
Lehari, KendalAudaciousAIAccepted - Incomplete
Leis, SamanthaAs You WishTHAccepted
Letarte, StephanieGarryNdruig AlbieSTRAccepted
Letcher, KatherineSilver LiningSNRAccepted
Leto, GiannaSpartanBNRAcceptedY - Barn B 32Iron Star Equestrian
Lewis, WendyUp On StageOP-1Accepted
Lilley, ShannonCSF Midnight RoseOT-1Accepted - Incomplete
Link, HeatherSkyes the LimitSNRAccepted
Loach, ColleenCanada DayOM-1Accepted
Lockhart, ChristinaI'malreadythereOPAccepted
Locklear, CaseyFLS Major BounceSTRAccepted
Loschiavo, MelanieSpartacus QMOD-OAccepted
Losey, MirandaUnkas BoyTHAcceptedY - Barn A 7
Loughnane, MeganFlamenco PingOPAccepted
Loughnane, MeganLyntonOTAccepted
Low, WendyMr. SteveSNRAccepted
Lowe, MakenzieBT Jump the GunMOD-RAcceptedY - Barn B 22SHRA
Lowe, MakenzieJourney with MeMOD-RAcceptedY - Barn B 23SHRA
Lowery, KaitlynClap For MeSTRAccepted
Lund, LizFranklin Delano CFOM-1Accepted
Lund, LizR'Mani CFOP-7YHAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH ExplosionOM-1Accepted
Maher, LeeKir Royal SK ZOM-1Accepted
Maher, LeeHSH Tolan KingPRAccepted
Maher, LeeRedfield Ids VittorioONAccepted
Main, SarahBenjamin JamesTHAccepted - Incomplete
Malinoski, LuluAfrojack ZONAccepted
Malinoski, LuluTop CalypsoNHAccepted
Maroko, KatherineRosie's Little Miss LibertyMOD-RAccepted
Marrinan, JuliaSnownadoSTRAccepted
Martin, CarolineHSH ConnorOP-7YHAccepted
Martin, CarolineKing's EspecialeOIAccepted
Martin, CarolineShe's The OnePHAccepted
Massey, LaurelLisheen LismakeeraOPAccepted
Massie, BrookeMajor ChaseOP-1Accepted - Incomplete
Maynard, SineadLightning V/ZONAccepted
Maynard, TikKayanOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Maytham, HeatherJR SuperstarMOD-OAccepted - Incomplete
Mazzatta, AbigailDCE Pandora's DreamJTRAccepted
McAllister, LidaFernhill Leitrim LassOTAcceptedY - Barn B 2RB Riding
McDonald, EmmaAirbornBNRAccepted - Incomplete
McDonald, SandraCarrick Uskerty FlightONAccepted
McDonald, StellaFE Hard Day's NightMOD-RAccepted
McHugh, EmmaRicochetMOD-RAccepted
McIntosh, SeanAlfredo SauceOIAccepted
McMartin, KasidyNewtown's LlewellynSTRAccepted
McNamara, MichelleMaster ClassSTRAccepted
Messaglia, LizGreenfort CarnivalOIAccepted
Meyer, JoeBallygriffin Crossfield CaraOT-6YHAccepted
Meyer, JoeCandy TrixOT-6YHAccepted
Meyer, JoeChilli DawnPHAccepted
Meyer, JoeFernhill IntrigueMOD-OAccepted
Meyer, JoeGold de RiverlandMOD-OAccepted
Meyer, JoeHarbinAIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeSimple HeartedOP-1Accepted - Incomplete
Middlebrook, SophiaAgher City BoyOT-1Accepted
Middlebrook, SophiaBonhunt BertieOTAccepted
Middlebrook, SophiaMonbeg OdysseyOPAccepted
Miklos, EmmaNormanJTRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 19,Barn A 20Jones Forsberg
Milam, JessicaLieutenant DanMOD-RAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Milam, John HenryFernhill TontoBNRAccepted - IncompleteBarn C 1
Miller, OliviaConvince MeMOD-OAccepted
Miller, OliviaCooley StarstruckPRAccepted
Miser, AndreaCalysta MWFSNRAccepted
Mommsen, AddiJJ JuniorBNRAccepted
Montieth, SydneySweet SerendipityMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Moore, MeganBlonde MomentOBNAccepted
Moore, MeganPalladiumOBNAccepted
Moore, MeganWestmeath ShamrockOBNAccepted
Moore, MeganGold to Blue Keely CapallOBNAccepted
Moreland, SamuelSir Pollux ZJNRAcceptedY - Barn C 21
Morgan Paul, MelissaHardwiredNHAcceptedY - Barn A 23,Barn A 22Jones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaMunson SlewMOD-OAcceptedY - Barn A 21Jones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaUptown IndyMOD-OAcceptedY - Barn A 24Jones Forsberg
Morrow, ShelbyAriesSNRAcceptedY - Barn C 14Wood
Mumme, KristenDarby RoseNHAccepted - Incomplete
Muniz, SophiaHVL Hocus PocusOTAccepted
Muniz, SophiaJenga SPRAccepted
Musselman, JaneDuke of DiamondSTRAccepted
Musselman, JaneEngaporeONAccepted
Nair, NicoleJack RunJNRAccepted
Nance, ErinFine Way to FlyMOD-RAccepted
Negera, NikkiLibertyOT-1Accepted
Neneman, NataliaLagans Ricardo BoyNHAccepted
Neneman, NataliaTrue BeliefOPAccepted
Neneman, NataliaAlazneOTAccepted - Incomplete
Neneman, NataliaSir GalahadTHAccepted
New, LaurenFlying AgainOP-1Accepted
New, LaurenRomolo's FriarOM-1Accepted
New, LaurenZenith Petite EtoileOT-6YHAccepted
Newman, SarahHang TimeOTWaitlist351.00
Neyer, CharlotteGregBNRAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenJakimbaONAccepted - Incomplete
Nicholson, LaurenButt's Aria WOT-1Accepted - Incomplete
Nicholson, LaurenCarbon Copy ZOT-1Accepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelRock JenningsOM-1Accepted
Nolan, MichaelRock OnOT-1Accepted
Nolan, MichaelCreevagh City HSHOM-1Accepted
Nolan, MichaelCool MacallanTHAccepted
Nolan, MichaelFernhill GalavantMOD-OAccepted
Nolan, MichaelHonor SocietyOPAccepted
Nolan, MichaelCooley Black HawkOTWaitlist351.00
Nolan, MichaelJaliscaOBNWaitlist326.00
Noonan, BenjaminKay-OOT-6YHAccepted
Noonan, BenjaminStreet FighterOIAccepted
Noonan, BenjaminTout De SuiteOPAccepted
Norris, SkylerFu PegchuOTAccepted
Novak, IsabellaDreamlinerMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, KeltyKilcannon Kandy KidOP-1Accepted
O'Donoghue, KeltyLil Miss ThingOT-1Accepted
O'Donoghue, KeltyFortunate CookieOBNAccepted
O'Donoghue, MeghanCarlingford RockabillyNHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanGlobal ErosNHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanPalm CrescentAIAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanFashionable ManOP-1Accepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanMan on the MoonOBNWaitlist326.00Horse: USEA Number
O'Donoghue, MeghanRapid Romero KVOT-1Accepted - Incomplete
O'Hanlon, SelenaM S ThunderboltOIAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaDonail BalladeerMOD-OAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaMaster ChanceMOD-OAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderCreative GeniusOP-7YHAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderKoralineOP-1Accepted
O'Neal, AlexanderHillside LeonardoNHAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderO-K JaxxOT-1Accepted
O'Neal, StephanieMochaspiceSNRAccepted
O'Roark, CaitlinLucky DevilIRAccepted
O'Roark, CaitlinWhat The DevilOP-1Accepted
O'Roark, CaitlinLandmark's Vegas VisionOT-1Accepted
O'Rourke, BridgetSomething To Talk AboutJTRAccepted
Paddack, ChloeHawthornstud Fortunate LoveMOD-RAccepted
Padgett, HarperCaptivatePRAcceptedY - Barn B 14Dutton
Padgett, HarperCooley StarshipMOD-OAcceptedY - Barn B 15Dutton
Padgett, LeonieCooley PrecisionPRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn B 16,Barn B 13Dutton
Pagan, ElizabethD'wild ExpectationMOD-RAccepted
Palmer, AndrewDickens of Holme RanchOIAccepted - IncompleteRider: USEF Membership Needs Upgrade
Palmer, AndrewCardinaliOIAccepted - IncompleteOwner: Safe Sport Expired
Parker, ElizabethTough PoppaBNRAcceptedY - Barn A 29Silver Lining Equestrian
Parkin, NicoleAtakanNHAccepted
Parkin, NicoleCapture the MusicONAccepted
Parkin, NicoleFabulous FloOM-1Accepted
Partridge, LynneLiamOBNAccepted
Patterson, AlinaFlashbackOIAccepted
Payne, MarilynRock Me MamaNHAccepted
Peck, HannaAna NavarreSTRAcceptedY - Barn A 30Silver Lining Equestrian
Petraitis, ViktorijaDevine GwendolynOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Petraitis, ViktorijaMaecenasOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, AlyssaCarrigshawn HFSOT-1Accepted
Phillips, AlyssaCornelius BoOP-1Accepted
Pittman, SashaHighly SuspectJNRAccepted
Platt, DanielleSea RockONAccepted - Incomplete
Platt, DanielleScoop Me UpOTAccepted - Incomplete
Platt, DanielleDoonaveeragh CandyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Poulsen, DanielleCapability BrownOIAccepted - Incomplete
Poulsen, DanielleExcel Star Silver LiningOT-6YHAccepted
Poulsen, DanielleMorning FireOBNAccepted
Poulsen, DanielleSnow LeopardOPAccepted
Pound, SherryCarnabyPRAccepted
Prather, KellyBallyneety SoldierOTAccepted
Preston, MaxineCooley ContendorOM-1Accepted
Preston, MaxineFernhill HC HighriseOIAccepted
Preston, MaxineWants To Be CooleyOIAccepted
Purcell, CatherineMystic HazzardJNRAccepted
Quillin, AmandaCrooked WardenONAccepted
Rahe, CamdynMighty SpicyONAcceptedY - Barn B 3RB Riding
Rahe, CamdynTullibards Chance TakenMOD-OAcceptedY - Barn B 5RB Riding
Ramsey, PaigeMTF Cooley ClassicJTRAccepted
Rawson, CindyTruly StellarNHAccepted
Rekrutiak, AnnaTempranoPRAccepted
Renfroe-Dailey, EmilyPoint of It AllOPAcceptedY - Barn C 2Renfroe-Daily
Revak, MyaMiss Miami CatONAccepted
Rice, ShilohStarquakeSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Richards, MadeleineGlobal BGKMOD-OAccepted
Richards, MadeleineGlobal Turning PointMOD-OAccepted
Ripp, NeileyCry Me a RiveJNRAccepted
Riske, JordanMM Irish CloverOT-1Accepted
Robel, DevinGillouOP-7YHAccepted
Romanelli, LaurenAct ThreeOP-1Accepted
Roth, RebeccaChapter TwoOPAccepted
Ruane, GabrielleMHS MufasaOIAcceptedY - Barn B 7Ruane
Ruane, GabrielleRHS Obora's GoldwingPHAcceptedY - Barn B 8Ruane
Rubash, KristinCaponeMOD-RAcceptedY - Barn A 18Holling Eventing
Ruppel, KatieLorenzoOP-7YHAccepted
Ruppel, KatieRinnwood Big CatOIAccepted
Ruud, ChantilMGH HeartbeatPRAccepted
Sabot, NadiaNeverquitdreamingPRAccepted - Incomplete
Said, SashaI DunNoSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Sarnoff, ClaudiaCallan QuintoPRAccepted
Schildmier, JennaAdiosOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Schildmier, JennaMarkakisOM-1Accepted
Scholtz, JannaFernhill LocklannMOD-RAccepted
Schulman, SaraCooley ChromaticOP-1Accepted
Schultz, ChristianaCatalina RoseOBNAccepted
Schwartz, WillowFlashy BanditJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnBamford CFOIAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnGlobal QuarycrestOIAccepted - Incomplete
Scovil, LexiSH Just for LaughsOP-7YHAccepted
Scovil, LexiPanama PrinceOT-1Accepted
Seabrook, ClaireFly High HarveyJNRAccepted
Seabrook, SophieFGF Tale Of The KittenSTRAcceptedY - Barn A 25Silver Lining Equestrian
Seely, LaurieCadannusMOD-OAccepted
Seely, LaurieContefino GrandeMOD-OAccepted
Seely, LaurieOne Of The GirlsIRAccepted
Seguin, SabrinaVoila VoltaireOT-1Accepted
Seidel, KelseyDiamant De J'Adore YSHOTAccepted
Servais, KateCathedroOP-1Accepted
Sewell, DeonteDelta QueenOT-1Accepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Shoffner, JanineO-Ren IshiiOT-1Accepted
Shook, PaulaGraceland's LiebchenSNRAccepted
Showalter, BiancaWorth The WaitSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Showalter, GrantWhat LawSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Shu, Catherine24 Karat FernhillPRAccepted
Shull, JessicaRedbud KnightwatchOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Shull, JessicaUltimate UNHAccepted
Shull, JessicaRedbud Daily MailOBNAccepted
Shull, JessicaSeawolf MWFOT-1Accepted
Shull, JessicaSesameOBNAccepted
Sisk, KatieLong Legs LenorePRAccepted
Slezak, KarlArdeo Dance MonkeyTHWaitlist351.00
Slezak, KarlCarrick Emerald DiamondOTWaitlist295.00Entry: Missing
Stabling: Missing
Smith, JessieThe Royal DubOT-1Accepted
Smyth, PaightonOver The FallsSNRAccepted
Snyder, RaelynAmerican ThunderJNRAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Sorensen, RachelH D CalculationBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Spoltore, FrancescaFernhill VitalityOPAccepted
Stamper, EmilyOur LuckSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Steinbuch, KimberlyKosmo KOP-1Accepted
Stevenson, VanessaBalboaSTRAcceptedY - Barn C 17,Barn C 18,Barn C 16Stevenson
Stewart, LindsayTangerine TaxiBNRAccepted
Strader, ErinLive and LearnOIAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Stremple, Sophie AnnFernhill Fifth AvenueOTAccepted
Stremple, Sophie AnnLoughnatousa Royal FlushONAccepted
Stremple, Sophie AnnRoger ThatNHAccepted
Strini, BenitaDassett EvermoreMOD-OAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, BenitaDassett Koi-SamuiMOD-OAccepted
Strini, LuciaExcel Cool QualityOPAccepted
Strini, LuciaFE CaspianOPAccepted
Strini, LuciaKeynote DassettMOD-OAccepted
Strini, LuciaDHI Kevin GOPAccepted
Suess, EmmaOn PointSNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 28Silver Lining Equestrian
Surasky, KathrynCrazy TrendTHAccepted - Incomplete
Sussman, DaniBacanaONAccepted
Sussman, DaniBaral TriumphOT-1Accepted
Sussman, DaniJos BravioOIAccepted
Sussman, DaniRR SimpleOT-1Accepted
Sutherland, CaitlynEMS FlorencePRAccepted
Swales, HanaCerulean's DelightOBNAccepted
Symansky, LynnBounce 6OIAccepted
Symansky, LynnCarambaNHAccepted
Symansky, LynnGlobal Cassero 3OIAccepted
Szczepanik, KatieFernhill Splish SplashSNRAccepted
Taylor, EvaIrish RoseJTRAccepted
Taylor, MeaganCaan's Feature PresentationBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 20
Teeluck, TishThe Winter SoldierBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Teich, CarolineFlagmount's SpartanOIAccepted
Temkin, MadisonPopular HarlingtonOBNAccepted
Temkin, MadisonCinzano 87OIAccepted
Temkin, MadisonFernhill BertusONAccepted
Temkin, MadisonFernhill FairytaleONAccepted
Temkin, MadisonMVP MadbumAIAccepted
...Tezanos Moreno, SusanaFrench KissOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Thomas, JeanNASPHARNHWaitlist326.00
Thomas, JeanRaban SNHWaitlist326.00
Tiberg, TaylorText MeJNRAccepted
Tilchin, AmandaMy Nana AnnaOT-1Accepted
Tortorice, GraceKalisto PeteSNRAcceptedY - Barn C 11Bright Farms
Tracy, KendylJustifiedOM-1Accepted
Tracy, KendylDr MacONAccepted
Tucker, NickyPandoraBNRAccepted
Tuit, EmmaPS Duty CallsSNRAccepted
Turner, ElizabethUS WarriorBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Uselding, JaeliMy Fair PrinceJNRAccepted
VanderWoude, ClareHindineSTRAccepted
Violi, BarbieCrugraffOM-1Accepted
Von Herbulis, BrinleyAir ApparentBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn C 13Bright Farms
Vos, DavidFernhill FinalistOTAcceptedY - Barn B 21Dutton
Wages, ErinMorrisonOTAcceptedY - Barn C 6
Wagner, LindsayArdeo EltonOM-1Accepted - Incomplete
Walker, KatherineRose ColoredOT-1Accepted
Walker, RobinCappog Ferro Royale CDSPHAccepted
Wallace, KateGlobal MonmoreJTRAccepted
Walter, LucyBold ColorsSNRWaitlist326.00
Walters, DarleneConcord DawnSTRAccepted
Walters, DarleneFunnel Cake DRFOT-1Accepted
Ward, WilliamEXCES DE FOLIETHAccepted
Warner-Vahsholtz, ShaynaMedana Maverick SNHAccepted - Incomplete
Weaver, LexaOndrus Of OzOBNAcceptedY - Barn B 31Iron Star Equestrian
Weber Allsop, ElizabethBears PegasusOT-1Accepted
Weber Allsop, ElizabethJamaican VacationSTRAccepted
Wegerich, EllaVC Hermès du LandranNHAccepted
Welsch, PennyMr. PoppersSNRAccepted
White, SharonArden CasinoMOD-OAccepted
White, SharonClaus 63AIAccepted
White, SharonJaguars DuendeOP-7YHAccepted
White, SharonKarina MTOT-1Accepted
White, SharonShirsheen IceOP-1Accepted
White, SharonTiny TinaTHAccepted
Whitehead, CarsonEleanor RigbySNRAccepted
Wick, EmmaAvalon RealtaOM-1Accepted
Wiles, SammieWar FleetSNRAccepted
Wilson, VirginiaJ-TrumanMOD-RAccepted
Wolfert, JulieNamibiaOP-7YHAccepted
Wood, LilyanaPhillip ButtonsSTRAccepted
Wood, RyanGalway BlazerMOD-OAcceptedY - Barn C 15Wood
Wood-Lewis, MadelineCollection BoxBNRAccepted
Worden, JuliaUnited Del CocoPRAccepted
Wright, AmyTudor Bobby SparrowBNRAccepted
Wrigley, HughFE SantosOPAccepted
Wrigley, HughLuksorOTAccepted
Wyatt, AldenI'mherealldayJTRAccepted
Wyssen, SarahPeace Out ManNHAccepted
Yates, AngieDonastarOBNAccepted
du Celliee Muller, AlexandraMarvinONAccepted
du Celliee Muller, AlexandraHH ZephyrONAccepted

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider38
IRIntermediate Rider10
JNRJunior Novice Rider13
JTRJunior Training Rider17
MOD-OModified - Open37
MOD-RModified - Rider23
NHNovice Horse42
OBNOpen Beginner Novice33
OIOpen Intermediate 49
OM-1Open Modified - One Day29
ONOpen Novice 43
OPOpen Preliminary43
OP-1Open Preliminary - One Day34
OP-7YHOpen Preliminary - Seven year old16
OTOpen Training32
OT-1Open Training - One Day38
OT-6YHOpen Training - Six year old11
PHPreliminary Horse6
PRPreliminary Rider23
SNRSenior Novice Rider41
STRSenior Training Rider25
THTraining Horse14