Ocala Summer II Horse Trials (Aug 2021) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Anderson, ClaireRedtail WhistlerONAccepted - IncompleteUSEF/USEA Entry Agreement 2021: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2021: Missing
Anderson, TawnieGorgeous In GreyONAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, TawnieTolomato Vom CastellONAccepted - Incomplete
Ball, BetsyBourbon FlightOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Ball, BetsyEarly Times MWFONAccepted
Bast, DeclanS.H. LeonardoMODAccepted - Incomplete
Bennett, AudreyBad to the BoneBNRAccepted - IncompleteY
Brandt, ZacharyDirect AdvanceAIAccepted - Incomplete
Cardamone, NicholasSlieve Callan AlphaPRAccepted
Carter, KyleHSH Black MagicOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KyleFR's Funk Soul BrotherOPAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KyleReddy or NotAIAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KyleRHS CiaradoOPAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KyleWhiskey CavalierOTAccepted - Pending
Carter, RileyFreedomNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cassar, JulianaCheranimoMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Cassar, JulianaFarwest De BarbereauNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cauffman, StephanieChatsworth Third RevolutionOIAccepted - Incomplete
Cole, CynthiaSir GalahadBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cole, NancyGawainMODAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaFE MississippiAIAccepted - IncompleteYWrigley
Cooke, DanaFE QuattroOPAccepted - IncompleteYWrigley
Cooke, DanaGlobal Stellar BlingMODAccepted - IncompleteYWrigley
Core, KalliFalconwood's GlacierOTAccepted - Incomplete
Core, KalliMastermindOTAccepted - Incomplete
Corey, TraceyByrnwyck WestTRAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
Corey, TraceySuper NovaTRAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
Crawford, ZoeFranceliaOPAccepted - Incomplete
Crawford, ZoeK.E.C. ZaraAIAccepted - Incomplete
Doan, MollyLance's EmpireTRAccepted - IncompleteYPaul
Dyer, AudreaSaketiniIPAccepted - Incomplete
Egel, SarahMy Lucky IrishBNRAcceptedYDreamhorse Equestrian
Fairchild, LeeBustics BusterTRAccepted
Fanello, JuliaFE ClooneyMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Fanello, JuliaFE Prince of DarknessMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Fitzhugh, AnnaDecision TimeOTAccepted - Pending
Flynn, MatthewWizzerdAIAccepted - Incomplete
Frangos, RoryMonty's TunePRAccepted - Incomplete
Frangos, RoryCitigirlTRAccepted - Incomplete
Frank, CatherineDriving Miss DaisyOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Frank, LilahDeadpoolMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Fredericks, ClaytonFE ColdplayOIAccepted - IncompleteYFredericks
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Marco PoloMODAccepted - Incomplete
Fredericks, ClaytonFE OpheliaOIAccepted - IncompleteYFredericks
Fredericks, ClaytonFE StormtrooperAIAccepted - IncompleteYFredericks
Fredericks, ClaytonGaillard LancerOIAccepted - IncompleteYFredericks
Gailey, RyleeDon DiegoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Goodwin, AbigailFGF British FieldsNRAccepted - Incomplete
Goodwin, ElizabethPik CMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Grant-Law, LesleyCastle Howard RomeoOIAccepted - Incomplete
Grant-Law, LesleyFernhill FinalistOPAccepted - Incomplete
Grant-Law, LesleyJajadivaMODAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraDiatendra SZONAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Limited EditionAIAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraIsslehooks First SightOIAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraLanikaiONAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Leitrim LassOPAccepted - Incomplete
Herrig, HannahLiondriveTRAccepted - IncompleteYTerrNova
Hewson-Slezak, KatlynFernhill Choco RoyaleOIAccepted - Incomplete
Hill, KatherineConfettiONAccepted - IncompleteYHill
Hill, KatherineBear LinfiniONAccepted - IncompleteYHill
Hill, KatherineRamBamUncleSamMOD-RAccepted - IncompleteYHill
Holling, JonathanSky's The LimitONAccepted - Incomplete
Holling, JonathanFernhill CopainONAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
Holling, JonathanJuczt My Style SIPAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
Holling, JonathanPioneer ArchibaldIPAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
Hutton, BrendaWYO Dun MaidBNRAccepted - IncompleteY
Irwin, HillaryCavalier Monte CarlaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Irwin, HillaryFernhill Chili MartiniOTAccepted - Incomplete
Irwin, HillaryProvidence RoadMODAccepted - Incomplete
Jackson, EmilySouthern Reserve ERETRAccepted - IncompleteY
Jackson, EmilyTruly The One EREOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Johnson, AshleyTactical ManeuverAIAccepted - Incomplete
Khorsandian, LeahLandorPRAccepted - Incomplete
Lassere, ErinFoxtrot ToddONAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieShirsheen IceOPAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieLady ChatterleyOIAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieTypically FernhillOIAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieVoltaire De TreAIAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieFupsilon Grande landeMODAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieFirst ClassAIAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieTullibards on TourOTAccepted - Incomplete
Lee, FannyMonba JambaOPAccepted - Incomplete
Marinucci, EllaLagunitasTRAccepted
Matheson, GillianImagine ThatMOD-RAccepted - IncompleteYOdell
McAllister, JamieArmy RangerOIAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
McAllister, JamieMake BelieveOPAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
McAllister, JamieMonbeg CandidateOPAccepted - IncompleteYHolling Eventing
McDonald, DanaAmazing MiTRAcceptedY
McElduff, MaddieSpring EasyOPAccepted
McFarlin, RhianaO'CallyMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Mercier, MichelleShirsheen Fun For AllMODAccepted - Incomplete
Mercier, MichelleTullibards Chance TakenMODAccepted - Incomplete
Meuchel, AshlynnCarlos SantanaOPAccepted - Incomplete
Meuchel, AshlynnEmporiumOIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeClip ClopAIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeDon MacOPAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeHarbinAIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeJohnny RoyaleOIAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, DonnaCoud' PokerMODAcceptedYMiller
Miller, DonnaHC Celtic MarkMODAcceptedYMiller
Milner, TanyaChurrosBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaCeceliaOIAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaEstela de la GalernaOPAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaHideaway's NessOIAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaPoker FaceOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Morgan, MegWanted ManOTAccepted - Incomplete
Nance, ErinBaselineBNRAcceptedY
Nance, ErinFine Way to FlyNRAcceptedY
Neneman, NataliaTrue BeliefOPAccepted
Neneman, NataliaElectric LuxOIAccepted
Nery, BiancaWorth The WaitNRAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderRedtail AchieverOPAccepted - IncompleteY
O'Neal, AlexanderRedtail PenumbraOPAccepted - IncompleteY
O'Neal, ElinorCreative GeniusONAccepted - IncompleteY
O'Neal, ElinorFE Lions DarcoOTAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, ElinorVC NadimarmathONAccepted - IncompleteY
O'Neal, ElinorZick ZackAIAccepted - IncompleteY
O'Neal, StephanieMochaspiceNRAccepted - Incomplete
ODell, SydneyRavin's TreasureNRAcceptedYOdell
Osley, KristinKing of BeerTRAccepted - IncompleteYDreamhorse Equestrian
Page, SimoneShamelessly ShyMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Paul, MelissaAttaboyONAccepted - IncompleteYPaul
Paul, MelissaUptown IndyMOD-RAccepted - IncompleteYPaul
Perez-Pascual, LisaAragonNRAccepted
Prather, KellyI'm Du Vinia MBONAccepted
Puglisi, RebeccaExcel Star Challenge AcceptedTRAccepted - Incomplete
Rickert, AvaFavonius NiteTRAccepted
Rollins, ConorPrime TargetOPAccepted - Incomplete
Rovira, SydneyOakdaleOIAccepted - Incomplete
Ruane, GabrielleMHS MufasaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Ruppel, KatieHoudiniOIAccepted - Incomplete
Schliemann, AnnSalt Air SwaggerBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnGlobal Invieto DHIOPAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnGlobal QuarycrestMODAccepted - Incomplete
Scott, MadeleineCrosby's GoldAIAccepted - Incomplete
Scovil, LexiChico's Man VDF ZAIAccepted - Incomplete
Scovil, LexiCurlieu ZephyrosMODAccepted - Incomplete
Scovil, LexiSH Just for LaughsOTAccepted - Incomplete
Seitz, KaleyHic Sunt LeonesTRAccepted
Sheffield, MelissaVegoNRAccepted - Incomplete
Shull, JessicaSydney MWFOPAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlFernhill WishesAIAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlHot BoboOIAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlChevalierMODAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlWellspring Cool GuyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlLa Bella VitaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Spatz, MacyD-DayTRAccepted - Incomplete
Spoltore, FrancescaFernhill Above and BeyondOIAccepted - Incomplete
Spoltore, FrancescaFernhill VitalityMODAccepted - Incomplete
Stanka, AudrieJennyMOD-RAccepted - Incomplete
Sudkamp, VictoriaWoodstock RioTRAccepted
Surratt, BriggsBooming BodhranOPAccepted - Incomplete
Surratt, BriggsCortureOIAccepted - Incomplete
Szewczyk, KatieSuspicious BehaviorNRAccepted - Incomplete
Thomas, HeatherFamos 71TRAccepted
Tinney, SamanthaCutty SarkOPAccepted
Tinney, SamanthaGlenbrook CooleyOIAccepted
Tovar, KylaMighty SmartNRAccepted - Incomplete
Tyler, MaKensieHardly a DreamNRAcceptedYOdell
Ulmer, MatthewKings CarterMODAccepted - IncompleteY
Ulmer, MatthewUno ConcertoOIAccepted - IncompleteY
Wallace, ElisaMunson SlewOIAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaLet It Be LeeAIAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaWyethONAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaRiot GearAIAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaSharp DecisionOIAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, RickIngomarOPAccepted - Incomplete
Watko, StephanieTraminer RieslingNRAccepted
Wehde, AvaBonaireOPAccepted - Incomplete
Wentz, MayaFE Bail Me OutOPAccepted - Incomplete
Wiedrick, JenniferWebsterPRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilkerson, FaithEvening MelodyPRAccepted - Incomplete
Williams, MaggieRisky with WhiskeyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Wrigley, HughLuksorMODAccepted110.00YWrigley
Wrigley, HughFE SantosMODAccepted - Incomplete110.00YWrigley
Zebley, MarshaHawkeye ViewMODAccepted - IncompleteY